Evaluation and financial control strategy for the framework agreement

Since AMU is working in parallel on several projects in different countries, a considerable number of project visits need to be conducted. Between one and two visits per project and per year require good planning and preparation. We try to ensure visits by our staff and board volunteers. However, we are also keen to offer this type of visit to interested external volunteers.

Below is a summary of the most important steps in order to be well prepared for a project visit:


Our partners have been informed of the strategy for evaluating our framework agreement. The terms of reference have been determined by AMU in collaboration with the different NGOs from the South. It is planned to evaluate 2, 3 or 4 activities of each outcome. This approach provides a better view of the entire framework agreement by focusing on the achievement of the 4 outcomes.

Audits in the southern countries

Certain activities carried out within the framework agreement will be audited. Financial audits in the South will be carried out by local experts in this field. The activities to be audited will be selected according to the following criteria:

1. New partner
2. Partner that has not cooperated with AMU for some time
3. Significant investment
4. Less experienced partner working in a less professional way

A table providing information on the activities to be audited has been developed.

Project visits

Project visits to southern countries are a very important monitoring tool. Several aspects should be noted:

1. Through the visits, we ensure a sense of mutual trust. Our partners are reassured that we do not leave them alone in the project execution. Partners have the opportunity to ask questions and to openly discuss the problems they encounter.
2. Visits are used to jointly find solutions and alternatives in case of problems.
3. During the visits, our partners can be trained to complete the documentation required by AMU. This saves us a lot of time when writing reports.
4. The visits allow us to check the finances directly on the spot and in case of confusion to look for the right answers.

Under this framework agreement 4 visits per year for 2 people are foreseen: Brazil, Argentina, Congo, Uganda / Tanzania.


To ensure a smooth management of our framework agreement, a specially designed Excel file contains in several sheets the budgets of each project, the regional activities and the management costs. These different sheets are linked together to indicate the overall budget of the framework agreement. Reporting will be done according to the same principle. However, AMU plans to implement a monitoring software to improve the management of the activities and of the budget, to ensure that everyone concerned has the same information at the same time, and to ensure activity planning and information storage.

Analysis and risk management

The risk management strategy covering the 4-year period is based on the following steps:

1. Risks are identified during the planning phase of the activities. These risks need to be monitored to achieve the identified results. Risks will be determined based on the assumptions and preconditions identified.
2. Assessment of the identified risks. This assessment is done using a "Risk Mapping" approach.
3. Determination of the measures to be taken to reduce a present risk.
4. Risk monitoring during the implementation of the project activities.

It is clear that the situations in the field can change during a 4-year framework agreement. It is therefore important to monitor the risks previously identified. A detailed risk analysis and management table has been developed.

Audit of the accounts in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, AMU's finances are managed by a fiduciary. The accounts are audited by an auditor approved by the CSSF.

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