Nos projets en cours de réalisation à Haïti !
2015-2018: Development of the agricultural sector in Mont-Organisé in Haiti

The project is carried out in the municipality of Mont-Organisé, near the border with the Dominican Republic. The North-East department has about 280.000 inhabitants. It is subdivided into 4 districts: Fort Liberté, Ouanaminthe, Trou du Nord and Vallières. The district of Ouanaminthe regroups 3 municipalities, including Mont -Organisé.

Current situation
Haiti is a country living primarily from agriculture. However, even on fertile farmland farmers encounter difficulties in improving their yields. They often lack adequate farming techniques, means to develop their land, and trainings on how to improve their work.

Some numbers
In Haiti only 60% of the population receives a meal a day. Today, Haiti must invest 80% (326 Million USD) of its export revenue to re-import food: 50% of its consumption of dairy products, 75-85% of its cereals and almost 100% of its sugar and oils. In addition, more than 1 million Haitians have left their land and their country to seek a better future in the Dominican Republic.

a) Training of 150 local farmers in the cultivation of vegetable and cereal crops.
b) Training of "Technical Facilitators" to transfer knowledge to farmers in other communities.
c) Use of appropriate techniques, such as irrigation, to increase agricultural production by up to 30%.
d) Creation of a cooperative to sell products at the regional level.


The direct beneficiaries of this project are 150 farmers who can benefit from the trainings. Indirectly, 250 families will benefit from the project as well as those who will be reached by the knowledge transfer provided via the technical facilitators.


229'319.29 EUR : Budget allocated to the project
152'879.53 EUR : Contribution of the Luxembourgish Government
61'439.76 EUR : Contribution of Action pour un Monde Uni asbl
15'000.00 EUR : Local contribution

Local partner in Haiti: PACNE

Co-financed by the Luxembourgish Ministry according to the framework agreement signed between the Luxembourgish Ministry and the NGO Action pour un Monde Uni on 11.01.2018.

Visit reports

next visit planned in september 2018

Action pour un Monde Uni asbl - ONG agréée par le Ministère de la Coopération du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg