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2022-2024: Development of the agricultural sector in Mont-Organisé in Haiti

The project is carried out in the municipality of Mont-Organisé, near the border with the Dominican Republic. The North-East department has about 280.000 inhabitants. It is subdivided into 4 districts: Fort Liberté, Ouanaminthe, Trou du Nord and Vallières. The district of Ouanaminthe regroups 3 municipalities, including Mont -Organisé.

Current situation
In Mont-Organisé, farmers practice a subsistence agriculture. They leave most of their land uncultivated due to a lack of technical know-how, access to quality seeds and irrigation possibilities. Cultivation techniques are often inadequate, and knowledge of management and marketing of agricultural products is lacking. In addition, farmers do not have access to government subsidies or agricultural credits.

Agriculture has always represented one of the main economic activities in Haiti, but until now, the country has not been able to feed its population and is forced to import almost everything to cover its nutritional needs. More than 40% of the population lives in chronic food insecurity.

In 2018, during a prior AMU project, an independent CAGPS cooperative of 368 farmers was established. The goal of this project is to further support this cooperative in producing and processing its agricultural products, as well as in creating new sales structures.

Activities of the project
The farmers of the cooperative receive practical and theoretical training in agro-ecological agriculture (manioc and rice) in order to increase production. Local advisory and support structures for the farmers are set up. Product distribution is improved through the establishment of stronger local distribution structures in the Savanette region and through women's networks.


The direct beneficiaries of this project are the 368 members of the local agricultural cooperative CAGPS, 40% of whom are women. Indirectly, the project will benefit approximately 12.700 people, taking into account the farmers' families and the different networks present, including the women's network of 1.500 members.


221'279.10 EUR : Budget allocated to the project
199'151.19 EUR : Contribution Bengo
22'127.91 EUR : Contribution of Action pour un Monde Uni asbl

Local partner in Haiti: PACNE - Action contre la pauvreté du Nord-Est

Together with the German organization "Starkmacher e.V.", this project has been submitted to "Bengo - engagement global" for cofinancing. The project was accepted in July 2022.

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next visit planned in september 2018

Action pour un Monde Uni asbl - ONG agréée par le Ministère de la Coopération du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg